MOMAFire poofers and ongoing fundraising!

Want your very own fire poofer? For $250 you can have one of the 8 poofers directly off of the MOMAFire art piece after the burn! These are 1/2″ poofers with a 1/2″ redhat solenoid valve and a 5lb expansion tank. Add a hose and fuel and you are ready to poof 15 foot flames! You will be able to build the same type of poofer at Big E’s poofer class in October or November (TBD) for $350.

Want your fire poofer AT Burning Man? You can pick it up on Thursday before the piece burns!

Contact Big E ASAP to pre-order your poofer. Act fast, we’ve already sold 2!

If you’d like to donate directly to the project to help offset our fuel cost deficit, you can send donations to Big E via paypal. Send to and select “gift” as the type.